Lena now lives in France but before the move she had many years of experience in the restaurant business. She used WSET Diploma to dive deeper into the world of wines. Read her experience and her advice

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The more you know about wine the more you understand how little you know!

About Lena

Lena, is  a 31 year old sommelier currently living in Reims, Champagne in France.

After working in the restaurant business in Norway for several years she felt it was time for her to move and explore the world of wine.

What made you apply for WSET,, and why was it important for you to enroll? 

When covid hit I needed a new challenge, so I decided to apply for Diploma.  At this moment it was about 3 years since I did my sommelier education, and it was time to expand my knowledge.  

How long did it take you to complete the course? And how did you structure your time?

It took me 2 years to finish diploma.

I was working full time while doing the studies, so I tried setting up a realistic study plan for myself.  On my days off I would schedule a few hours of reading and I did a lot of tastings at work and at wine fairs.

What did you appreciate the most from the course?

I had been self-studying since I took the sommelier education in 2016, but I missed learning from great educators and follow a course. When I did the research for Diploma and saw the knowledge of the educators I got really inspired. 

How does the course effect your life? Does it apply to your work?

I am currently living in France, and I think Diploma has a lot to do with it.  It became more important for me to stay closer to a wine producing region to dive deeper into the world of wines. There is now so many possibilities to visit winemakers frequently and explore the region.

Can you share a surprising lesson, or fact that you learned?

The more you know about wine the more you understand how little you know.

Diploma is a comprehensive study, that requires a lot of private studying, what is a tip or advice you could share for future students?

Make it to the classroom lessons and be present while you’re there. 
Taste as much as you can and deep dive into the subjects that seems the most challenging.